Powerful Skin Care from The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is the most lush and biologically diverse place on the planet.  While searching for raw and pure butters for a few of my concoctions, I came upon a group of people that work in the rainforest, growing and harvesting raw materials from the jungle.  Harnessing the benefits of the wild plants that grow there and producing oils, extracts, and butters that are organic, vegan and pure for skin care is what the Amazon Raw Materials Samuria company does, and they do it well.

Their philosophy is based on providing active, nutrient rich, cosmetic raw materials and natural skin care products.  The ingredients for their products are cultivated from ancient wild crops in the Amazon. These wild, genetically pure crops possess highly active nutrients that are no longer found in commercially processed crops. All of the plants are collected by hand directly by indigenous people.  The crops are sustainable and a benefit to the environment because both seeds and plants are left behind for future growth and to sustain the wildlife in the area.  

The results of this cultivation effort are some very nice skin care products.   There are several plant butters available, such as the Murumuru Butter.  I personally prefer butters because they are incredibly moisturizing.  The Murumuru Butter is collected from wild seeds that provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in a mild formula that is great for sensitive skin.   Amazon Raw Materials Samuria has a great suggestion for using the Murumuru Butter as a hair treatment.  Applying a small amount will protect the hair from the sun and keep frizzies at bay. 

The selection of pure raw plant oils that Amazon Raw Materials Samuria offers is pretty extensive.  Many of these are exotic and not well known.  I have skin care issues such as acne and scarring, so I took a look at the Pracaxi Oil.  This oil comes from wild Pracaxi trees that grow in the rainforest.  Its properties work well on diminishing scars including pregnancy stretch marks and minimizing the damage from acne.  It also contains natural behenic acid, a strong anti-fungal and anti-septic acid.  They also have the Guava Oil.  Guava Oil is a pleasant smelling and powerful beauty oil made to nourish dry hands, especially in the nail bed area,  and feet. It’s packed with vitamins such as A, B, C, E, and K as well as many minerals and flavanoids.  It’s highly moisturizing and perfect for wrinkle trouble spots.

I don’t often use extracts in my recipes, but I do like to use them for their healing properties.  Amazon Raw Materials Samuria produces Mulateiro extract, culled from the bark of the tree.  It contains tannins, organic acids and phenols that make the extract a powerful astringent.  The extract needs to be used as an additive to the oils or other base product before applying to cuts, burns or bug bites.  It also assists in healing when used in a hot compress.

The website for Amazon Raw Materials Samuria provides suggestions for using their products along with recipes for blending multiple oils and butters to gain even more skin care benefits.  All of the oils, and butters, and extracts are basic raw materials that work well in skin care blends.  

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