Radien Skin Care-Oak Bark and It's Beauty and Healing Benefits

I was recently introduced to Radien skin care products, and was drawn to them mainly because I wanted to learn more about the main extract used in their products.  Oak bark has been used for centuries in many medicinal and cosmetic ways, and now Radien incorporates the extract into their products for use as an anti-aging and healing cream.  
Oak bark, especially bark from the red oak tree, has incredible antiseptic properties and has the ability to assist in stopping the bleeding from injuries.  It also works incredibly well as an anti-inflammatory agnet, whether it is used externally or internally.  The all natural extract has minimal side effects and is safe for many uses. In the past it has been used in the bath, or applied to acne and other skin infections, wounds and injuries via a compress.  

Today, Radienix QXP has added the natural oak bark ingredient to their luxury line of skin creams.  They currently offer both a day and night cream, as well as an eye cream, and have a line of skin care for men as well.  The creams are easy to apply, smell great and have a rich luxurious feel to them.  QXP is the proprietary patent-pending ingredient that Radien has formulated to battle fine lines and other signs of aging.  QXP, along with peptides, which are another great friend to our skin,  work to plump and hydrate the skin.  Glycerin, a natural humectant, is also added to the Radien QXP creams.  But how does it work?

QXP works by slowing down the production of protease, an enzyme that works to destroy proteins and inhibit the healing process to damaged skin. These enzymes, referred to as MMP's, break down collagen and elastin in the skin.  When these enzymes are inhibited, smooth and radiant skin can appear after regular use.  

It's important that the product actually work, so Radien has enlisted the help of dermatologists and several clinical studies to show how well the product works.  The double blind, split faced studies showed that visible changes were noticed just after 5 days, and that a noticeable reduction in fine lines was seen after only 9 weeks of use.  Radien goes one step farther and publishes the results of the studies directly on their website so you can check them out yourself.  

Currently, Radien is offering a 90 day challenge to it's customers.  If you use the product for 90 days, and send in a picture of your face every thirty days, you can earn a free month of Radienix QXP!

Check out this link HERE if you would like to know more or order the product!  Chris Thomspon is your contact at Radien  for all of your skin care needs.  


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