Quality Natural Skin Care from Silvana Miracle

It's sometimes hard to find a good line of organic, quality skin care products. I spend a lot of time looking for the best products for my skin, and it's important to me that those products are backed by knowledge and the best ingredients.

Silvana Miracle is one of those companies.  Silvana Mak is an esthetician, educated in skincare and the ingredients that work.  She spent many years working with celebrities to give them a complexion that was smooth, wrinkle free, and radiant by providing facials and  product recommendations.  The products she has created in her line battle many issues we face as we age. The Silvana Miracle line feature toxin free, cruelty free ingredients.  There are no parabens and all of them are fragrance free. The ingredients in many of her products include anti-oxidants.  Anti-oxidants are great for shielding the skin from free radicals and pollution and aim to reverse the signs of aging.  

There are currently 11 products offered in the Silvana Miracle skincare line.  There are serums, masks, lift creams and 2 cleansers, one if which is formulated to treat acne.  I personally recommend the Ultra
lightweight Sun Protection Daily Lotion because sun protection is the best thing you can do to prevent the signs of aging.   This is great protection for the skin and includes anti-oxidants to treat skin as well as protect it.  I also recommend the Turbo Cream Wrinkle Eraser, with ingredients such as 100% plant sourced vitamin C, coconut and jojoba oil, it is a rich cream that works hard to eliminate wrinkles and firm the skin.  

I am a big fan of facial masks, especially clay masks.  Silvana Miracle has and Earth Clay Mask that contains aloe, green tea and sea kelp.  Along with the clay, this makes pulls toxins from the pores and helps clear any acne issues.  

If you suffer from a puffy under eye area like I do, (which make me look tired) then the Eye Contour cream is for you.  A powerful combo of peptides, jojoba oil, and CoQ10 assist in soothing puffiness and also fades dark circles.  

Silvana Miracle products are affordable and are comparable to many of the better drugstore brands in price, but the ingredients and formulations are natural, organic and healthy.  Ordering is easy on the Silvana Miracle website HERE.  

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