Exfoliate with the Klenz Kard

I think the number one thing you can do for your skin is to cleanse it properly and to exfoliate. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, but it will also improve circulation, clean pores and help soothe acne, and improve the appearance of skin discolorations.  There are multiple types of exfoliators and skin cleansers on the market to choose from, but always choose one that works best on your type of skin. I always look for all natural alternatives to cleansing my skin.  I recently tried out the Klenz Kard, a simple but very useful product for cleaning and exfoliating the skin.  

The Klenz Kard is just that.  It’s a card that is used to cleanse the skin.  It’s said that ancient Egyptians used a similar method to clean the skin well before soaps were invented.  It’s simple to use and does provides several benefits including exfoliating the skin very well.  It is also inexpensive, as one card can last for several years.  Simply rinse clean and the Klenz Kard is ready for the next use.  There are no chemicals or soaps needed to use the product.  

I gave it a try and used it according to the directions.  I hopped in the shower and let my skin soften under the warm water.  I chose to use the card in two places; my face and my shins, which are always scaly looking due to shaving.  The card should be used with the white side facing the skin. Lightly drag the card across the surface of the skin.  I noticed if I pressed too hard it was uncomfortable, but there is no need to press down too hard. Rinse the card with each pass across the skin.  

As far as using it on my face, I noticed that some oil and even some residual make-up was coming off onto the card, even after I thought I had wiped it all away.  I suffer from blackheads, and found that my pores looked a bit clearer after I used the product. When I used it on my shins, I noticed that there were dead skin cells on the card.  I wasn’t surprised because my skin was very dry there and had not been exfoliated in a very long time.  It’s not necessary to use the Klenz Kard every day, it’s best to use every other day or less often especially if you have sensitive skin. It can also be used to remove some facial masks.  

I like the simplicity of the product.  There are no brushes to replace and no expense wash to buy. The Klenz Kard is more hygienic than sponges or loofahs that don’t stay clean and also need replaced.  It also fits perfectly in my travel bag.  I go camping quite often, and a simple product like this is easy to bring along in my travel bag.   

Check it out HERE!

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