Dermaka Cream - A Very Versatile Repair and Healing Cream

I have written about Dermaka Cream before, but I feel there is so much more to this cream and felt I wanted to share a bit more about it!  

Dermaka is a cream prepared from natural ingredients that is formulated to repair and heal skin affected by many issues, including, bug bites, bruising, swelling, arthritic pain, sun burn and poison ivy.  It is also excellent at promoting healing in post micro-phlebectomy or sclerotherapy patients. These procedures create redness and bruising that can heal quicker by applying Dermaka Cream regularly. In addition to Dermaka can be applied to the bruising and swelling that results from most post surgical procedures.  

Often, those with diabetes and other illnesses are prone to bruising and skin tears.  This is often caused by the blood thinners many people have to take on a daily basis.  Dermaka Cream is perfectly safe to use by these patients.  Bruising can be kept to a minimum and the bleeding under the skin can improve more quickly.  

The cream is lightweight, feels cool and refreshing on contact, and absorbs easily.  The cream is gentle on skin, and when applying it rubs on smooth preventing the pulling of skin, especially important around post surgery areas on the skin.  Only a minimal amount of product is needed to see results.  It is also non-greasy, an important quality in a repair and healing cream. 

Another thing that deserves mentioning is that the Dermaka Cream company supports animal shelters and sanctuaries.  Recently they set out to several shelters to visit animals that are being treated for various skin conditions.  Animals suffer injuries, scarring and wounds just as we do, and Dermaka Cream is safe enough to be used on animals.  In fact, one animal sanctuary, the Rooterville sanctuary in Florida, is going to be using it on a rescued pig named Molly!    

Looking to buy Dermaka Cream? Dermaka Cream can be found in several medical offices including the Chubak Vein Center, Ozark Regional Vein Center,  Milford Vascular Institute and several more.  It can also be purchased HERE.  Don't forget to check out the great reviews!   

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