Get Ready for Spring Beauty: Exfoliate with Kafe Beau Coffee Scrub

I'm very excited that spring is here and that I'll be getting out in my kayak for the first time next weekend and they are predicting temps in the upper 70's.  That means I'll be wearing shorts for the first time this year, which is something I never look forward to happening. After a long winter my skin never looks good.  It's always dry and looks very dull. One thing that always helps me get my skin ready for summer is a good body scrub.  I was happy to get a chance to try the KafeBeau Coffee Scrub in Lavender just in time for the spring season. 

Exfoliate with Coffee Scrub

Why are coffee scrubs so great? 

There are a lot of good benefits that come from the coffee bean. Caffeine from the bean has a natural tightening and firming effect.  Coffee ground up for use in scrubs exfoliates very well and is much more gentle on the skin than a scrub laden with chemicals. Exfoliation with coffee scrub leaves the skin improves circulation,  gives the skin a healthier glow, and leaves skin feeling very soft. 

What did I like about the KafeBeau Coffee Scrub?  

Most importantly, it is an all natural product and is comprised of top quality ingredients.  The main ingredient is Kona Organic Coffee, which works well removing dead skin cells, reducing redness and inflammation, and targeting cellulite while improving the firmness of the skin.  It also contains very healthy natural oils that moisturize and replenish the skin. Coffee Arabica Seed Oil helps skin retain moisture and improves the elasticity of skin. Organic Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil are also in the scrub.  Dead Sea Salt contains minerals that are good at treating skin conditions and reduces water retention. 

I used my KafeBeau Coffee Scrub in the shower.  I find that is better to use scrubs in the shower rather than in the bath because the salt and scrub rinses off much better. Be warned, coffee scrub will turn the water brown and care should be given not to spill any on rugs or clothes.  It does wash out but coffee can sometimes leave stains.  I grabbed a nice handful and massaged it into my skin, particularly scrubbing on my shins which are extra dry from shaving.  I used it on my entire body.  

I really liked how easily it rinsed off and how nice and soft my skin felt afterwards.  My skin felt great and looked a lot better.   It even helped the crepey skin I have above my knees look better.  In addition,  I smelled good after my scrub session and I was happy the scent lingered for quite awhile.  The smell of fresh coffee is pretty strong while using the scrub and before rinsing it off, but a subtle Lavender scent was left on my skin after the shower. 

I used the KafeBeau Coffee Scrub for two days in a row, then switched to every other day. My skin showed no sign of irritation or damage, something that scrubs with artificial ingredients can cause. Using the coffee scrub every other day or every few days is a good way to promote skin regeneration and keep the exfoliation process going.  

They also have KafeBeau Coffee Scrub in Coconut and Original.  They come in a large zip lock package that hold a generous amount of product.  If your interested in checking it out go HERE

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